Every disabled child in the Caribbean should lead a fulfilling life

Preparing compassionate support professionals to provide quality care to children in the Caribbean with special needs.

Our Vision

We believe every child with special needs in the Caribbean can have a bright future when given the support they need.

Our Mission

We provide therapy services to neurodiverse children in areas where access to such support is not widely available.
Therapeutic intervention for special needs children drastically improves their quality of life, yet many children around the world receive only sporadic support, if any.
Consistent access to trained professionals is key, and our programs provide training and additional hands on deck to make this happen.

We do this by:

Sponsoring graduate student fellows who need to do fieldwork to complete their degrees

Offering stipends to licensed therapists to work at our partner schools

Granting tuition scholarships to people from the Caribbean who work with children with special needs

Patient Spotlight

Nicola & Badrick

Nicola and her son Badrick live in St. Ann, Jamaica. Badrick was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, also known as West syndrome. This condition causes a series of seizures and spasms that last only a few seconds but can happen one right after the other. 

Badrick also has developmental delays and cerebral palsy. He can’t walk. If he needs to eat, his mom needs to feed him.

Nicola and Badrick live a nearly two-hour drive from Kingston—often the only place where therapy services are available for differently-abled children in the country. Because of the distance, Badrick cannot get therapy. Let’s help kids like Badrick.

Occupational therapist working with small child

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